Welcome to Prego Ristorante
The Italian restaurant and cafe Prego, that is found in the space of hotel, functions daily in order to take your breakfast in our rich buffet and enjoy a dinner with Mediterranean and Italian flavours.

Many of the people where taking care for the organitation of their event (we denied the word customer) continuously ask us why we selected the blue and white as colors for the decoration of Prego Ristorante which reminds more an islander tavern than the established green and orange that all have got used.

Then i I show them photographs from an album of southern Italy and of course remain surprised watching bright photographs in a blue and white background, graphic small ports, scenes that could be found in greek card postal.

It is not a secret, everybody knowns that expect the similarity as nation with the Italians (una faccia, una razza), connect us commons habits and principles. Base in the Italian kouzine the olive oil, the flour, the tomato, the cheese and plenty of imagination, they compose lots of gastronomic combinations. Hot bread, tomato and cheese constitute a delicacy that grows up generations of Greeks.

In the duration of my 20 years pastime with the gastronomy in the kouzines of world, I had the occasion to collaborate with distinguished Italian chefs. Thus was given to me the occasion to get into the sanctuaries of Italian kouzine. Mature now anymore, I tried to lend in thin Italian flavours prolific Greek beauty. So we created, in 2007 the restaurant Prego Ristorante, a space that with the love of Kalymnians and visitors of Kalymnos, covers favourably its 11th year of operation.

The chef suggest to you ...
We undertake the cover of events as marriages, christenings, anniversaries etc. The kouzine of Prego Ristorante will also cover our most exigent customer. We thank you for your preference.

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